U1-2785 Kew Drive Windsor, Ontario

ATSI Robotics is a privately owned incorporated company based in Windsor Ontario Canada.

Founded in 1993, the company started out by providing engineering support to FORD Essex engine plant during the 3.8l & 4.2l engine launch. At the same time the start-up and launch of the rs minivan where ATSI provided robotics installation support.

Since the very beginning, ATSI  has the customer-centric focus delivering quality and innovation. Clients benefit from receiving the best solution at a fair and competitive price.

ATSI is eager to provide you with a complete automation solution, from concept to full design, simulation, execution, integration,installation, assistance, and on-going support service.

Please contact us to review your next automation project where the best ideas win and where  quality, safety, innovation, and efficiency matter.

Why not us ?

  • ATSi values the customer relationship and treats every company with equal priority despite size of client or size of project.
  • ATSi personnel are experienced and  trained professionals, energetic, engaged, and focused towards quality, and customer satisfaction.
  • ATSi offering an innovative approach to solving your manufacturing challenges and improving the top and bottom line.

ATSi Experience

  • BIW, Body in White robot/PLC programming and installation support services
  • Stamping- full integration of many projects involving robotized tandem press lines
  • Spot Welding-From single Robot cells up to multiples using several robots, with a variety of timer panels used.
  • GMAW Welding-Using state of the art equipment to produce quality products
  • Powertrain-Integrated material handling robotics in crankshaft/camshaft, heads and other machined products
  • Forge-applied robot technology to harsh environment handling extremely dangerous parts.
  • Material Handling-Many MH projects for a variety of products/materials
  • Sonic Welding-Applied Ultrasonic & Robotics technology for welding vehicle cargo area.
  • Sonic Knife-Applied Ultrasonic technology & robotics to trim the flash from acrylic parts to ensure quality trim.
  • Painting-Integrated PLC and industrial networks to control prime and paint booths for Automotive tier 1.
  • Material Removal- Grinding application to re-cycle containers used for Energy storage

 ATSi Core

  • Mechanical Design, Engineering the solution
  • Control System Design, adding the equipment functionality
  • Control System build and installation
  • Robot Simulation and design feasibility validation
  • Robot Program development and set-up
  • Project Management, keeping it all on track.
  • System Integration, making everything work together.
  • Technical Assistance
  • System integrator support
  • Field Service installation support