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Automation systems are used in various manufacturing applications to increase productivity, improve safety,efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately reduce costs

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About ATSI Robotics

We began our journey over 20 years ago, providing on-site Engineering for Ford and Chrysler and grew into a well established automation solutions provider. We have since increased our capabilities as we have grown, now we are able to automate many different manufacturing processes.

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    Why not Choose Us?

    Increased Productivity
    Automation systems can potentially increase production throughput up to 20 times compared to standard labour. Your business will be able to fill purchase orders faster, creating an opportunity for more orders.
    3D Simulations
    Before starting work on any cell, we create the cell in three dimensional space using various simulation software. This benefits your company by ensuring that every component is accounted for. Simulations are also excellent for planning the floor layout regarding the automated system. Your company will be prompted to approve the simulation prior to mechanical assembly, making certain that what you want is what you get. This also gives an avenue for innovation of current processes.
    Cost Savings
    Through implementing an automated system your company will save on labor cost and gain efficiency. One time cost for the system your ROI is guaranteed.
    Fully Customizable Solutions
    We can create a fully automated system for many varieties of applications. Starting from scratch, we implement custom solutions to solve your specific issues, from design to manufacture, assembly, and installation with long term support.
    Automation systems provide solutions to very difficult, dangerous, or dirty jobs. Taking the risk of employing a human, with potential for injury, away in a much safer manner. You can’t replace a life, but you can replace a robot.
    Automation systems offer superb precision and repeatability. Processes that require a high level of precision can be implemented into an automated solution. This relieves the pressure of checking every part for quality control down to checking one or two parts a day to ensure quality.
    Increase your production and safety while lowering cost and producing outstanding results. See how you can do all of this with ATSI Robotics Automation systems.

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