U1-2785 Kew Drive Windsor, Ontario

ATSI Robotics is a privately held incorporated business based in Windsor Ontario Canada.

Founded in 1993, the company started out by providing engineering support to FORD Essex engine plant during the 3.8l & 4.2l engine launch. At the same time the start-up and launch of the RS minivan where ATSI provided robotics installation launch  support. ATSI still provides Client services and support of new product launch or changes to existing products. Let us support your projects with consistent professionalism from people who care about getting it right.

Since the very beginning, ATSI  has been customer-centric focused, delivering quality and innovation. Clients benefit from receiving the best solution at a reasonable and competitive price.

ATSI is eager to provide you with a complete automation solution, from concept to full design, simulation, execution, integration,installation, assistance, and on-going support service.

Please contact us to review your next automation project; where the best ideas win, and where  quality, safety, innovation, and efficiency matter.

Why not us ?

  • ATSi values the customer relationship and treats every company with equal priority despite size of client or size of project. We Care.
  • ATSi personnel are experienced and  trained professionals, energetic, engaged, and focused towards quality, and customer satisfaction. We want to make sure it is right for you..
  • ATSi offering an innovative approach to solving your manufacturing challenges and improving the top and bottom line. We want to add to our clients financial gains.

ATSi Experience

  • BIW, Body in White robot/PLC programming and installation/launch  support services
  • Stamping- full integration of many projects involving robotized tandem press lines
  • Spot Welding-From single Robot cells up to multiples using several robots, with a variety of weld timer panels used.
  • GMAW Welding-Using state of the art equipment to join assemblies and produce quality products
  • Powertrain-Integrated material handling robotics in crankshaft/camshaft, heads and other machined products
  • Forge-applied robot technology to harsh environment handling extremely dangerous parts.
  • Material Handling-Many MH projects for a variety of products/materials
  • Sonic Welding-Applied Ultrasonic & Robotics technology for welding vehicle cargo area.
  • Sonic Knife-Applied Ultrasonic technology & robotics to trim the flash from acrylic parts to ensure quality trim.
  • Painting-Integrated PLC and industrial networks to control prime and paint booths for Automotive tier 1.
  • Material Removal- Grinding application to re-cycle containers used for Energy storage

 ATSi Core

  • Mechanical Design, Engineering the solution
  • Control System Design, adding the equipment functionality
  • Control System build and installation
  • Vision and collaborative robots
  • Robot Simulation and design feasibility validation
  • Robot Program development and set-up
  • Project Management, keeping it all on track.
  • System Integration, making everything work together.
  • Technical Assistance
  • System integrator support
  • Field Service installation support