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Our People

At ATSI Robotics we believe that who you are precedes what you do. Therefore being surrounded by people who are well rounded in terms of what they know and how they act is essential. With our team being at the heart of our operations we require that they have a deep understanding of the automation industry based on practical knowledge and experience as well as possessing a values-based approach. Values such as:

  • Integrity - being honest, fair and accountable with ourselves, our co-workers and our clients
  • Innovation - having diligence and constantly seeking better ways of doing things
  • Teamwork - understanding that although you may go faster by yourself, we will always go farther together - each of us needs all of us
  • Quality - ensuring the best production outcome while prioritizing safety
  • Efficiency - making the best use of our, and especially our clients, time and money
atsi values

"The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement." - is not just a quote we hang on our lunchroom wall. It is an adage that we live by. The pursuit of constant personal development allows us to reach higher and farther for ourselves AND our loyal clientele.

And while we would say that our staff is like family to us - the fact is that some quite literally are! Founder and CEO John Couch's two sons, Josh Couch and John Couch Jr. are heavily involved in operations and business development. So you know that when you do business with ATSI Robotics, you are doing business with caring professionals that want to build and sustain mutually beneficial, enriched relationships for now and for generations into the future. This factor is just part of what drives our desire to make quality automation products and deliver valuable automation services.

We look forward to meeting you!

Our Process

Our processes are tried and true. They have been refined, systemized, and perfected to perform for any client, big or small. Our methodology permits for high quality custom automated solutions for any application. After making initial contact with ATSI Robotics we start a collaborative engagement where we take time to understand exactly what you are looking for and what you're trying accomplish. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations!

Once our objective is clearly defined and the concept is made clear then we are happy to provide a quote free of charge. Should our potential client decide that they would like to move forward then we immediately start the production process. Engineering professional designs and proving them through simulations, mechanical and electrical building including custom fabrications, programming, testing, and installation, and finally training and support, are just the basics that every business benefits from when choosing ATSI Robotics as their automation destination.

When you're looking for an automation provider that can get the job done right the first time, trust experience - trust ATSI Robotics.


Our Purpose

Long before ATSI Robotics was established, our founder and CEO John Couch was working on and servicing some of the first gantry type robots in North America. He understood the value of automation firsthand then, and he could see how it would become more relevant and useful in the future. With the advancement of technological capabilities came the realization that almost any process could be automated. Now, with plentiful applications in the automation industry, and with the right people and processes in place, ATSI Robotics has positioned themselves as a leader in providing quality and custom automated solutions.

Tailoring your business to meet today's challenges and tomorrow's demands are not just our passion - it is our purpose. We have what it takes to help you advance your business - to help you grow and achieve manufacturing excellence. Industry will continue to roll on regardless but with automated solutions you can be in the best shape to handle what is to come in this ever-growing and ever-changing global marketplace. Will you be ready?

Allow our advantages to be your advantages...