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Leading Manufacturer of Crankshaft Forging gets an Update

When ATSI Robotics was contacted by a leading producer of crankshaft forging they challenged us to integrate a new robotic system into their pre-existing hot billet line while meeting other specifications. Our new automated product was replacing an outdated and unsafe hydraulic material handling apparatus which was manufactured in Germany and installed in the 1990's. The requirements of the new material handling system was to be able to maneuver extremely hot (up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit) and heavy parts (40 kilograms) from an oven to a forging press within a cycle time of 15 seconds while having the capacity to communicate with the existing plants PLC, which is an older Allen Bradley PLC 5 system.

A Zurich Hazard analysis was performed and we designed an entire new system from scratch using the latest methodology for 3D CAD. ATSI Robotics specified and selected an ABB Foundry type robot to replace the outdated hydraulic apparatus. Special heat rated grippers and finger details had to be designed and selected as an end of arm tool and extra tall, extreme duty hard guarding was installed for special reinforcement.

After proving the concept with simulation engineering and carefully selecting the integrations, ATSI Robotics assembled, tested and validated the Custom Automated Solution in our facility in Windsor, Ontario Canada. OEE overall equipment efficiency was at 99.5% and the product was then delivered on time, meeting all requirements to our clients satisfaction. Now this leading forging manufacturer can rest assured that the new robust system will perform reliably and safely for many years to come.

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