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Manufacturer Adds Ultrasonic Welding Cell to make Plastic Parts

ATSI Robotics provided an Ultrasonic Welding Cell and two offline cells for a tier manufacturer in order to make plastic parts which would go inside the cargo area of a vehicle. The robotic cell was developed for a piece with 38 welds and the capacity to enable/disable more or less welds as our client saw fit.

The HMI was programmed so that the robot can be directed to each weld individually or in any sequence desired via the operator controls. An intelligent auto-home feature was also integrated so that the operator did not have to manually jog and correct the robot.

Since we used Fanuc DCS (Dual Check Safeties) with two different types of ultrasonic welding horns, the refined cell did not take up excessive floor space (a mere 8' x 8' framework) and our client was able to reduce their robotic footprint in their factory as a bonus.

Utilizing Omron as a primary controls supplier for the HMI and PLC, we were able to integrate all data sheets and documentation and provide information directly to maintenance personnel regarding field devices and to aid in troubleshooting. A Branson ultrasonic welder was also used in this case.

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