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Are you considering the idea of adding automation to your business?

We’d love to help you take advantage of all of the benefits that going automated has to offer. Whether you are trying to increase productivity, profitability, and safety or just adapting with the times to maintain a competitive edge, we’ve got the stuff you’ve been looking for! Contact us today to start the CAS (Custom Automated Solution) process. Getting a quote is absolutely free.

Your ATSI Robotics CAS Process

Collaborative Refinement
Proposal and Quote
Design and Preparation
Mechanical Build
Electrical Build
Delivery and Installation
Onboarding and Training
Ongoing Technical Support

Collaborative Refinement

At ATSI Robotics we recognize that every business faces unique challenges that require innovative and efficient automation solutions. That’s why, before putting our creative hats on and presenting our concept, we take the time to understand exactly what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

After making initial contact with ATSI Robotics a collaborative refinement process begins where we continue our conversations through whatever communication method our potential client prefers, whether that be by email, phone, virtual meeting or an onsite visit.


The goal of this continued conversation is to address the main questions and concerns like:

Is this your businesses first automated solution? Or are you integrating this new application into a series of other automated processes?

What process would you like to automate?

What applications need to be performed?

Are you looking for a fixed special purpose machine or a flexible automation cell/robotic system?

Do you have space restrictions?

When do you need your Custom Automated Solution delivered?

What key performance indicators are you trying to improve on?

What is your budget?

The more Q&A the better - We want to meet and exceed your expectations!

Proposal Quote

We will present your Custom Automated Solution with a conceptual design that fits your requirements, specifications, budget and timeline.

Should you decide that you would like to move forward, ATSI Robotics will promptly start engineering your design in detail – including the mechanical, electrical, and full system layouts of all components.

Design Preparation

All mechanical, electrical, and full system layouts of components will be complete after the concept is applied and proven in a simulation software that provides a visual demonstration of the automated solution performing in real time. This simulation adds a functional dimension to the design process which allows our client to give feedback before physically building anything.

This also gives us another opportunity to refine the robotic movements and ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

See below an example of a welding system layout and simulation.

Mechanical Build

Once the design and preparation phase are finalized the mechanical assembly of your CAS is done in ATSI Robotics state of the art facility in Windsor Ontario. Depending on the integrations that the project requires - end of arm tooling, fixturing, and components are then built to your liking.

See an example of an end of arm tool with grippers and vacuum capabilities below.

end of arm tool

Electrical Build

Building and wiring the control panel, the PLC and HMI, and the robotic system including peripheral devices, is the second half of the mechanical assembly needed to communicate actions between all parts. Our competent team of electricians ensure that wiring is organized, efficient, and adhere to Ontario Electrical Safety Authority requirements.

See an example of an electrical control panel build below.

electrical wiring

CAS Programming

Programming the PLC, HMI, Robotic system and peripheral devices to perform the desired action is the last step in going from concept to finished product. All that needs to be done now is to test the new device in our facility to ensure its quality performance.

CAS Testing

Incorporating additive manufacturing using high quality SLA and FDM 3D Printers allows us to make functional prototypes to better prove your CAS. ATSI Robotics dedicated quality assurance engineers test the new Custom Automated Solution and troubleshoot any discrepancies which may have presented. These final revisions allow us to confirm the new systems flawless operation with our client. Once verified, a delivery and installation appointment can be scheduled.

Delivery Installation

An ATSI Robotics qualified professional will arrive at your business on the scheduled day and time to deliver and install your new system.

It is recommended to have a dedicated member of your team, who may be the system operator, be there to receive the delivery and training which they may require to run the CAS's custom applications.

Onboarding Training

A Custom Automated Solution can seem quite simple but basic training can go a long way to save you time and money, not having to get your CAS serviced frequently, because you've ensured that you're operating it correctly. Our customer service extraordinaires are happy to show you how!

Ongoing Support

At ATSI Robotics the long-term operation of your Custom Automated Solution is our top priority. Contact us anytime to troubleshoot any irregularities regarding your system and our certified team will be on their way to provide maintenance and support as soon as possible.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of automation with ATSI Robotics?