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DOBOT CR Series – Collaborative Robot Arms

ATSI Robotics is a registered partner and distributor of the DOBOT CR Series.

These collaborative robot arms are award winning, safe and efficient – which is why ATSI Robotics teamed up with DOBOT – to bring you an automated solution that is tried and true…

Improve production efficiency and reduce business costs with ATSI Robotics DOBOT CR Series. Choose a Cobot that fits your needs and start reaping multiple rewards right away.

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What can’t the DOBOT do? If you’d like to see the DOBOT CR Series in action or you have any questions regarding the product send us a message and let us know how we can help.

    Adaptable Self-learning

    Empowered by a wide range of payloads from 3 to 16 kg, our cobots apply to multiple industries. They operate in a 6-axis mode, enabling a high level of their flexibility with an accuracy of up to ± 0.02 mm. DOBOT CR series robotic arms are safe and easy to learn and use. With these features, DOBOT CR series cobots meet rich customer needs for flexible automation.

    Fast Flexible Installation

    Improve the flexibility of your product line and production efficiency by using an easy deploy CR collaborative robot within 20 minutes to set up and one-hour production performance. Ir obtains plug-and-play design, simple wiring method, and quick access to various accessories.

    Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

    CR series cobots support collision detection function with five levels of adjustable collision strength to match different application scenarios. Optional DOBOT SafeSkin technology ensures 15 cm proximity sensing detection and active protection mode, significantly increasing safety and efficiency.

    Machine Learning Intelligence

    Our software makes the operation and management of the CR collaborative robot intelligent. It obtains a perceptual AI control technology, integrating vision system, force, and voice control. A trajectory tracking and transfer learning algorithm allow CR cobot to imitate complex movements of a human hand.

    Optimal Algorithm Allocation

    CR series is smart and precise, obtaining the industry-leading all DH parameter compensation technology. It has an absolute positioning accuracy of 0.2 mm under variable gestures. CR series’ vibration suppression and motion estimation algorithm ensure smooth operations under complex motion.

    Flexible Accessory Ecosystem

    CR series ecosystem applies rich IO and communication interfaces, providing plug-and-play of various robot accessories, such as grippers, vision systems, and force sensors. The secondary development is compatible with over 20 development platforms that fit the vast range of accessories.

    Applications DOBOT CR Series at Work

    Cobots FAQ

    How do I know what DOBOT is right for me?
    Each collaborative robot arm is designed to meet different requirements. It's maximum payload and reach, working radius, repeatability and speed are all factors which should be considered for choosing the right Cobot. Speak with an expert at ATSI Robotics to learn more.
    How much does a DOBOT CR Series arm cost?
    ATSI Robotics offers flexible plans that suite customer budgets and needs. Want to try a DOBOT to make sure you like it? We will rent it to you on a short term basis. Want to own the long term benefits of the DOBOT? You can do that too! Chat with a DOBOT CR Series expert at ATSI Robotics and we will work out a custom solution for you.
    How much money will a DOBOT CR Series arm save me?
    The DOBOT CR Series robot arms are smarter and more versatile than ever before. With the capability of replacing much of mundane repetitious labour work, its extent of production is only limited by your imagination. Allow us to evaluate your systems and let you know exactly how much we think you will save per year.
    Are you ready to do more with DOBOT?