U1-2785 Kew Drive Windsor, Ontario

The system was developed as a refined robotic cell to provide full functionality without taking up copious amounts of floor space.

This system has an advanced level of controls coding in which the robot can be directed to each weld individually or in any sequence desired. The robot has the ability to intelligently auto-home at any point in it’s process.

This system was developed for a part with 38 welds using two different types of ultrasonic weld horns. With the way that the system was programmed, it is capable of multiple processes by user configuration (enable/disable welds).

Utilizing Omron as a primary controls supplier, we were able to integrate all datasheets and documentation accessible at the HMI to provide information directly to maintenance personnel regarding field devices.

Using Fanuc DCS (Dual Check Safeties) we were able to reduce the footprint of the cell to a mere 8’x8’ compact framework, still providing the safe stopping distance required.