U1-2785 Kew Drive Windsor, Ontario

ATSI designed and developed several systems for this client over the years.

This System consists of the following:

  • LB-Robot 1 and LB-Robot 2, these are vision guided material handling robots.
  • The north and south line part conveyors.
  • Part shuttle units, for automated cell to cell part transfers.

Working with their team to install on-site requires creative project management to ensure deadlines are met and work was completed on-time and accurately.

The main challenges of this system were:

  • 4 different part types all with different dimensions had to be handled with the same robot end of arm tooling and control system software.
  • environment was very noisy and dirty as it was in a foundry and robots were located next to a shot-blast machine.
  • With vision systems lighting and optics are crucial and in a dark plant to obtain accurate images for the process proved to be challenging.

With old hardware and lack of control system Inputs and Outputs our system had to accommodate for a new process while utilizing limited hardware to the utmost of its capability.

To over come this,  we put in place advanced coding and multiplexed data to ascertain commands from the Siemens PLC to the Fanuc robot as well as vision offsets and all other process data.

In order to ensure the robot was not reading the wrong data and could not be given an improper command all data received by the robot was validated and than controlled, if a command was valid the robot will accomplish it, if it is out of range or erroneous the robot would inform the PLC (industrial computer) of its error in command sequence, IE Command out of range and would only continue upon receipt of a valid command.

This structure proved to be the best method for flexible sequences and very complicated processes.